3500 sq.ft.
November, 2017
Under Construction

As the development of a podium for developer residential building, the requirements were fairly standard – benches to sit, an area for kids to play, a lap pool with inter spaced elements of green. The one specific requirement was connect between the adjoining internal elevated party hall to the outdoors, gave birth to the genesis of the design – a geometric stepped undulating landscape that overtook the entire podium. The design evolved by identifying the number of gathering areas required, which translated into circular nodes and became the green areas around which the stepped landscape grew. Due to the placement of the nodes the stepped landscape began to intersect in an undulating manner forming different pockets that served divergent needs- seats, sand pit and steps to allow access in to the party hall and the elevated area for the pool. Juxtaposed within these geometric forms are placed larger planters in specific places adjacent to the seating to provide shade. The pool deck, structurally elevated, achieves a degree of privacy though the placement of these nodes and planters, and serves as an access to the amenity area of the building. A selfie point, a unique requirement by the client, was designed using a distorted projection technique, where a circular pop background for photographs morphs into a deformed circular pattern when viewed from any angle besides the specific vantage point.

Terrazzo was the primary material used that gives an impression of a monolithic carved or sculpted landscape.

The construction using the material requires joints that were expressed and designed in a manner which extended the geometry of the intervention, growing radially from the nodes, and the formed the required grooves, as well as the drain lines.