1000 sq.ft.
July 2019
Residential Interior

The feature elements of this 2 bedroom home, located in Dadar Parsi colony, are its grand, breezy terraces that offer impressive views of the 5 gardens and Parsi Gymkhana grounds, set against the background of the city.

To alter the initial layout posed a massive challenge. With the majority of the walls being shear walls, the opportunity for intervention was severely limited. Careful and strategic reworking of the existing layout resulted in bringing together the 2 bedrooms, whilst opening up a second terrace for the home. The new terrace, designed as an extension of the bedrooms, attempts to connect with the outdoors through elements such as wooden decking, trellis, turf and windows that open up to bring in abundant sunlight and fresh air. The kitchen too was repositioned, to create a pleasant, airy space

The primary living space of the home, the living room, also opens into a grand terrace with stunning views of the gardens below. The focal point of the living room, however, is a large shelving unit, mindfully curated to slide before the TV unit, enabling the client to hide the unit when desired. The shelf is designed with clean, minimal veneer clad surfaces that stand out against the marble backdrop. Adorning the wall of the living room is a painting by artist Raghu Navare from Nagpur. The bold artwork lifts the room with its colour and vibrancy.

The master bedroom boasts of a remarkable feature marble that encompasses the room. The marble flows to form a unique backboard to the bed. With a light metal bookshelf shelf and a modest desk, the room effortlessly doubles up into a home office.

A restrained yet plush look was introduced by using a refined material palette. The subtle white terrazzo flooring highlights the striking combination of black ash veneer and fumed larch veneer that dominates several pockets of the home.

The use of this singular material palette throughout the house ties together various elements across rooms.

The home is dotted with plush, modern furniture from international brands including Muuto, Anderson and, Sars Studio, meticulously chosen to enhance the user experience. A variety of lighting fixtures from Muuto, Floss and Mustard and Punch, brighten up the house.

NextGen Architect
Indexellence Awards // 2018
Architect of the Year (shortlisted)
Trends Awards // 2018
Emerging Architect of the Year
NTDV Design and Architecture Awards // 2017
Young Architect of the Year
ArchiDesign Awards // 2017
Domus International Award // 2017
Residential Project of the Year
Trends Awards // 2017

Photo Credits : Suleiman Merchant