30,000 sq.ft.
Bandra, Mumbai
June 2019
Residential Architecture Residential Interior Landscape

76 South Avenue, located in the suburbs of Mumbai, is a 9 storey luxury residential building with 8 identical 3 bedroom apartments of 1400 sq ft apartments and a duplex penthouse at the top. The structure was envisioned to look ahead of its times in terms of colors, materials and method of construction. The intent of the design was to disguise the repetitive and standardized nature of the program within the envelope to allow for a structure with fragmented varied skin.

The façade makes an attempt to break away from the traditional fenestrations and provide a refreshing change in its aesthetics with a playful composition of openings.

A stark material palette of black and grey zinc, punctuated by warmer panels of Parklex, is dominant throughout the facade. The construction of the façade occurs in layers, with the black outermost layer visually structuring the façade. A series of setbacks of horizontal bands in grey and vertical bands in Parklex fragment the controlled format, resulting in an irregular façade.

The outer skin of the building wraps itself in zinc composite panels. The zinc panels come with a pre-engineered joining system, allowing for a maintenance free façade with clean joints. Moreover, zinc, a self-healing material that develops a protective layer of zinc carbonate or patina as it ages, ensures the structure is sustainable for the years to come.

The residential tower is complete with an entrance lobby and a landscaped plaza on the ground floor. The focal point of the double height lobby is a glossy brass ceiling with irregular punctuations for light. The brass paneled ceiling, extends outside, not only creating a sheltered entryway to the lobby, but also acting as a guiding element, directing the individual to the elevator.

The terrace houses an intimate entertainment zone along with an infinity pool overlooking the Arabian Sea.

NextGen Architect
Indexellence Awards // 2018
Architect of the Year (shortlisted)
Trends Awards // 2018
Emerging Architect of the Year
NTDV Design and Architecture Awards // 2017
Young Architect of the Year
ArchiDesign Awards // 2017
Domus International Award // 2017
Residential Project of the Year
Trends Awards // 2017

Photo Credits : Fabien Charuau