SHROFFLEóN is a Mumbai based Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design Studio. The studio is headed by Kayzad Shroff (Cornell,USA) and Maria Isabel Jimenez Leon (Cornell,USA, ETSAS, Spain). As a boutique practice that offers bespoke solutions to clients needs, SHROFFLEóN approaches each project with a mix of child-like naivety and curiosity which enables the creation of novel and well curated spaces, crafting both living and working experiences – from unique preferences to the way art is exhibited. As a studio SHROFFLEóN approaches each project though a unique frame of reference –looking to and utilizing its context for processes and as an inherent generator of form – a form that emerge from the network of overlapping vectors on site. The practice specializes in developing customized intelligent strategies that result in bespoke solutions, continually prioritizing high quality of design over quantum of work. Embracing, and taking advantage of its boutique scale, the studio ensures each and every project the personal and undivided attention of one, if not both, its principal partners in every aspect of the process, from design conception to post hand over client servicing. SHROFFLEóN takes on but a few commissions at a time, hand-picking specialty projects, where there exists a great potential for creative exploration, and exclusively for clients having a healthy respect and understanding of design. Working collaboratively in an intimate manner, the studio walks the client through every stage, hand in hand, ensuring their journey of discovery in working towards the final product is an enjoyable and a pleasurable experience. Since its inception in 2011, SHROFFLEóN has had its work featured, exhibited and showcased across various platforms nationally- Architectural Digest, Domus, Mondo arc, ElleDecor, – as well as internationally- Cencer from Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, Backstage Architecture in Venice, Museo ICO in Madrid, etc.

In addition, SHROFFLEóN has been the recipient of numerous national awards. Their project ‘LongPool House’ won the award for best Landscape Design at the NDTV Design and Architecture Awards, as well as being shortlisted at the Trends Excellence Awards for the Best Residential Project, along with another project by the firm, ‘The Orange Extension’. In 2017 the practice was awarded the ‘Emerging Architect of the Year Award’, once again by NDTV Design and Architecture Awards, the ‘Young Designer of the Year’ runner-up by IIID, as well as the ‘Young Architect of the Year’ by ArchiDesign for their acclaimed projects ‘House Under a Pool’and ‘Apartment901’. The studio has also been selected amongst ‘AD100”, the Architectural Digest India list of the most influential designers in the India Sub-Continent, in addition to being felicitated with the ‘NextGen Design’ by the Indexcellence Awards.
SHROFFLEóN is currently collaborating with Samhita Microfinance, an organization that works with impoverished women in Madhya Pradesh, in creating their Community Development Center in Bhopal.

In addition to practice, the principles are involved in academy has taught design studios at Cornell University, KRVIA, the Academy of Architecture, ISDI, and NMIMS.

Kayzad Shroff


Born (1979) in Mumbai, India, Kayzad R.Shroff is a registered architect in India. Kayzad has received his Undergraduate and Graduate degrees at Cornell University, where he was awarded a travel grant to represent Cornell at UrbanTyphoon, the Olive Tjaden Scholarships and the Mary Miller Lyons Graduate Award. Since graduating in 2008 Kayzad has been actively involved in academia. Presently as a design studio instructor at the Indian School of Design and Innovation / Parsons, in Mumbai, and having previously held teaching positions at Cornell University, NY, the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai and the Balwant Sheth School of Architecture, NMIMS,Mumbai, and the Kamla Raheja Vidhinidhi School of Architecture and Environmental Planning , Mumbai. Professionally, Kayzad has over 8 years of professional experience having worked in the office Robert A. M. Stern in New York City collaborating on a number of projects, prior to starting his own studio, SHROFFLEóN in 2010.


Maria Isabel Jimenez Leon


Born (1982) in Seville, Spain, Maria I Jimenez-Leon obtained her Undergraduate education at Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla. Upon being awarded a research fellowship from the University of Seville, Maria attended Cornell University for her higher studies, graduating with a Masters in Architecture, specializing in the role of Digital Media within Architectural Urban environments. Since graduating in 2008 , Maria has been a visiting faculty and guest lecturer at various institutions around Mumbai. She is at present teaching at the Indian School of Design and Innovation / Parsons, having previously held teaching positions at the Kamla Raheja Vidhinidhi School of Architecture and Environmental Planning, the Balwant Sheth School of Architecture, NMIMS, and Cornell University, NY. Maria has over 6 years of professional experience spanning three continents working at studio of Javier Terrados in Seville,Spain, Latin America and at Kudniki Bernstein in New York City, prior to starting her own practive, SHROFFLEóN, with Kayzad Shroff in 2010.